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SGT Report DE-platformed. How we can help.

Sean from SGT Report Needs Our Help.  On October 15th along with so many others, Youtube deleted both of his channels which represented ten years of work over 700K subscribers and both of which were in good standing. Then MailChimp terminated his account with 14,000 email addresses. The latest blow, was Patreon, which just terminated … Read more

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Okay, so we now know what 5G can do because of its raised frequency. 4G wavelengths travel along the surface of the skin whereas 5G has the ability to penetrate into the deep tissues of the body. The scientists that are onboard with investigating the health effects of electromagnetic radiation on human beings. It’s well … Read more

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What is 5G Technology?

There is clamour about the arrival of the next generation of wireless called 5G. What is 5G, and how is it different from 4G?  Why are people nervous about its arrival, and why is it such a problem? We are being promised by the telephone and wireless industry of a faster, better, and bigger service … Read more

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