Free Energy Labs Tour & Demonstrations (VIDEO)

Huge Tesla Induction Coil

Post on Fringe Energy: Battery sequencing boards that distribute charge automatically across a group of batteries, devices that combine physical and electrical resonance to release power from the quantum field, high efficiency (due to unique shape) wind turbines,  pulsed power systems that accumulate energy over time and release it rapidly (Bedini), wireless Tesla technology … Read more

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Full Disclosure: The Joseph Newman Motor Is Back Better Than Ever! (Video)

Joseph Newman Motor

Few free energy stories are as tragic as that of the fight and plight of Joseph Newman. This man, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars inventing an energy device that harnessed huge amounts of power from the magnetic field, held a secret that could free humanity from energy tyranny and big oil companies. Read … Read more

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The table of disruptive technologies: a timeline of industry-killing breakthroughs


Progress and disruption go hand in hand. The history of human civilization is characterized by periodic dances between old technologies resisting newer ones, with the latter ultimately ending up victorious — before inevitably becoming old and ripe for disruption once more. The horse and buggy made way for the gasoline-powered automobile, which is bound to … Read more

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New free energy website if you’re on the fringe….


Announcing a new free energy website packed with books, dvds, science conferences, courses and other important resources for the do-it-yourself alternative energy engineer! This site was created for those of us who believe we can create our own devices, and need resources in one place (or at least a starting point). Please watch the introduction … Read more

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2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – 20% OFF VIDEO PACKAGES


The 20% for the 2018 ESTC conference presentations will expire in a couple days. There is a single coupon code for all of the videos now: ESTC20 – enter that into the shopping cart and you’ll receive 20% off. If you are taken to PayPal automatically, there is a link on that page that allows you to go … Read more

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Last 2018 ESTC presentation: Communication & Cooperation in Nature


Quantum physics has shown us that in the quantum realm probabilities and potentials are the most common factor of creating reality. But who can answer the question of how the fundamental order to create our universe arises out of the chaos where everything is possible? There must be some idea or plan which the universe … Read more

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2018 ESTC – Ideomotor Effect: Uncovering the Mechanics of the Human Mind

Ideomotor Effect

The Ideomotor Effect is but one part of A Course in Mind Power but is one of the most important that anyone can understand because once it is fully comprehended, it is easy to see that experiencing synchronicities has a biological basis for happening. It is also the underlying basis for downloading information directly from the collective – direct … Read more

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2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Man, Machine and the Matrix


In this presentation Karen Elkins takes you on a visual journey though a myriad of disciplines and shows you the interconnectedness within the universe – micro to macro – man, machine and the matrix. Because she is the editor, researching and designer of Science to Sage E-Magazine, and has produced over 53 issue hosting the … Read more

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2018 ESTC Petersen (preview) New Energy: The Linchpin to Unprecedented Change

John Petersen 2018 ESTC

John Petersen forecasts that in the next 10 years, that we’ll have 80 times more advancements than we did in the past 100 years! Each “quantum leap” throughout history is followed by another acceleration in knowledge and understanding that happens in one-tenth the time of the previous one. If an equal amount of breakthroughs happen … Read more

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2018 ESTC Paul Babcock presents: The Living Earth

Living Earth

The human lifeforce energy is discussed in detail and how many cultures have their own specific language to discuss it as well as the method used to intake this energy into our body for storage. Paul then takes us on a journey into the basics of the fact that our Universe is electrical, which is … Read more

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