* AVAILABLE NOW * Dr. DeMeo on Reich’s Orgone Motor

Dr. James DeMeo is the leading authority on the work of Wilhelm Reich who is known for his studies relating to the life force, etheric energy known as Orgone. His replications of Reich’s work and independent discoveries have contributed greatly to this growing field that acknowledges that the ether is valid and quantifiable in terms of its existence.

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* NEW * Dr. Ingrid’s 2020 ESTC Biomagnetic Pair Therapy presentation available now

biomagnetic therapy

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here’s one more presentation from the 2020 ESTC – this is empowering as it discusses a highly effective modality using both N and S poles rather than a single pole like all other permanent magnet modalities and it even came out of NASA’s research. In over 20 years of being involved … Read more

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**Available Now** 2020 ESTC -Mike Clarke’s Reactive Power Motor Generator, Part 2

reactive power generator

From our friends the the Energy Science & Technology Conference: Last year, Mike Clarke DC showed his Reactive Power Generator setup, which is essentially an air-core Bedini SG with some advanced switching that allows the battery banks to be automatically swapped between the front and back. It has run for many months after one charge … Read more

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**NEW RELEASE** Energy Conference 2020: Paul Babcock’s Electrocoagulation Presentation

From our friends at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference: Paul Babcock’s presentation on Electrocoagulation (EC) is finally available – if you want to know how to purify water for pennies compared to many methods, which is also super simple, this will be very valuable to you. EC has been around a long time, which … Read more

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* EXCLUSIVE DISCLOSURE AVAILABLE NOW * Bedini’s Glass Case Motor by Peter Lindemann

It’s finally here – Peter Lindemann’s long awaited for presentation from the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference. I’ve waited 21 years to know all the details of the Glass Case Motor since John Bedini first shared it with me in 1999 the first day we met. Now, you will have 100% of every detail necessary … Read more

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