How much does a QEG cost?

The QEG is a prototype, which means it is still in development and we cannot definitively answer the question “how much does a QEG cost?” There is not yet a fixed price for a finished product. Any skilled engineer can use the free open sourced QEG manual to source all the different components from various suppliers around the world.  To help answer this question, we can provide the cost data that we have experienced through building 6 QEG’s in different locations.

To build a QEG you’ll need to purchase all the parts, have a workspace to build, and have a variety of mechanical tools for testing and measuring. The cost for the space and the tools may vary. A list of helpful tools has been provided in the QEG course documents.

Cost for parts:

We spent between $6,000- $8,000 just for the parts for each QEG we built. This does not include shipping, tools or other project expenses. We have put together an expenditures report that fully outlines all expenses of the project. We estimate that with further co-development this cost can be significantly reduced. However, we have not yet reached that industry level of development yet.

Buying a Core:

You can have a company make your core for you and wind it yourself, your costs will vary.  We have a working relationship with a small company in the US called Torelco that will create a fully processed core for you and ship it. The price for a Torelco Core is $3,095 this does not include shipping. Torelco will ship anywhere in the world.

Torelco will shortly be supplying kits with the rest of the parts needed for around $3200.

For more information on some of the experiences the QEG family has had with funding the QEG project, please watch the following video:

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