Does the QEG Free Energy Violate the Laws of Physics?

One of the questions people ask is “Does the QEG free energy violate the laws of physics? The QEG is an asymmetrical open system that operates according the laws of nature. It does not violate the laws of thermodynamics (physics) as these only apply to a closed symmetrical system. Asymmetrical open systems have been traditionally … Read more

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How Much Power Does a QEG Produce?

Once tuned, the QEG’s sinusoidal output energy is a combination of AC, RF, and radiant impulses, which will drive standard loads equivalent to 3kW (guaranteed) up to 10kW RMS or more, depending on the level of tuning. The output frequency I’m running is 150Hz, which is the ½ harmonic of the M19 core steel’s resonant … Read more

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How much does a QEG cost?

The QEG is a prototype, which means it is still in development and we cannot definitively answer the question “how much does a QEG cost?” There is not yet a fixed price for a finished product. Any skilled engineer can use the free open sourced QEG manual to source all the different components from various … Read more

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