Is there a video of a self running QEG?

We get asked this question a lot, “Is there a video of a self running QEG?” So we thought we would publish our answer: After some tough lessons about the unsavory things that go on in this ‘free energy’ arena, which we had no idea about when we began in 2013, we must inform you that no videos demonstrating overunity, self-sustaining, or live electrical measurements will be forthcoming from us. There are very good reasons for this which will be explained below. The faithful people who are successfully building, doing the work and following our instructions can demonstrate their machines if they so desire.

It’s a funny thing how many are coming out of the woodwork now that we have done all the work, who want us to ‘prove it’ to them, but we have been wisely advised over the past several months – as we were reaching our breakthrough – to never, EVER make any promises of financial return or ‘proof’ of technological success. Even WITTS told us their demo videos have done them little good since people simply assume they are fake, and as such, become more fodder for condemnation. The QEG family has lost enough just by posting all instructions freely on the internet, and we have been publicly beaten up by the naysayers, shills, and trolls quite enough.

Historically, those who have been successful in anything that goes up against Big Energy have had their reputations, labs, and lives destroyed, and have even been murdered. We have been very public up to now because we felt it was our only protection. It’s tempting, but we draw the line at demonstrations, as this is where bad things start to happen to good people.

We know this is disappointing, but we have been put up against a wall by those who have their own agendas for control of this splendid technology. We are not manufacturers of QEGs, we are teachers. We are not selling a product, we are sharing technology and asking for compensation for our time. We must maintain our stand.

For more information about why we don’t show a video of a self running QEG, please watch the following short video:

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