Karen Elkins interviews Paul Babcock Part 1 | 2017 Energy Conference (VIDEO)

karen_elkinsKaren Elkins (Science To Sage Magazine) is brilliant at asking the most meaningful questions of free energy experts, which is particularly helpful if you are not an engineer or a scientist. Paul calls himself a scientific, religious, institutional heretic, lol.

Free energy is the driving force in Paul’s life, and he comes to the conference every year because for him, they are very enlightening and powerful, and what he gives in knowledge, he gets back in knowledge. Paul additionally says “all the good people with a heart and soul come here.”  That’s what keeps me in this business too – to keep same company as all the good people with a heart and a soul!

Karen: “I heard if you want to see things working and meet people who are doing things in this field, this is it for demos (ESTC).”

Paul has developed a theory model over many decades that explains the free energy devices. He states it’s all the same basic science and he is able to bring it together and clarify what processes are being used in any particular free energy device.  He says, “all the machines can be explained within the laws of physics.”

While holed up in Alaska, Paul heard a Joseph Newman interview, and bought the book, whose contents altered his world – a huge aha moment!  Paul describes the anomalies he’s seen as a technician and engineer, especially when he was working with heavy DC systems. He describes one such system that can evaporate steel beams.  Joseph Newman’s observations helped him understand why and how this could happen.

Paul describes devices that if he winds the coil a certain way, he can extract more energy out of it than was put in, within all the known laws of physics. However, he does admit that when on the verge of perception, there are some things we can’t detect with our 5 senses. He explains this is why scientists have a hard time measuring this (and other) technologies – because they don’t have instruments that measure outside the accepted (but limited) norm; our known 5 senses.

Paul describes his journey with the symbology of the Seth Material by Jane Roberts, and his out of body experience.  Below is Part 1 of the interview.

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