The QEG Real World Getting parts out of customs (full length video)

The QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) Family has given us permission to tell their story in QEG Real World, now public.

In 2016 the QEG Family went private due to fierce opposition creating an intense distraction from the project. Since they were no longer public and giving things away, the QEG Real World Series was shot for the members of the QEG Academy only. The pilot episode below was available on YouTube for a brief moment but swiftly tucked away into their safe place – a membership site – where it has been for 25 months. This is a real treat!

Go along for an adventure that is highly entertaining, educational and fun, with breathtaking as well as heartbreaking scenes of Morocco, and what it’s like doing business in Morocco (paperwork, paperwork, paperwork) in part 1. In Part 2, as in all the QEG Real World episodes, is the technical stuff for the engineers showing the equipment, the device and the process of building from scratch.


There are a total of 9 episodes which may be published here from time to time. If you would like to own the series now you can see the details of each episode and purchase from the link below.

qeg-real-world-documentary-series-set QEG Real World Documentary Series Set

Includes all 9 Episodes and Featurette Film “SURGE”

SURGE shows how a different approach to open sourcing technology must be taken in this highly competitive industry in order to succeed in bringing affordable energy to every person on the planet that needs it to survive. Watch below.

Over 11 hours of Free Energy Footage

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