The QEG is a Real Free Energy Device (video)


There are over 100 QEG’s that are being built in over 40 countries and this is just  that we know of. We know this because one of the manufacturers that we work with that makes the QEG cores has sold over 100 of them. Also the QEG academy personally works with over 60 groups and individuals who are building QEG’s world wide.

There are highly skilled professionals who are building QEG’s  from the following backgrounds: NASA, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the United Nations. These people are building QEG’s because they understand what it is and they see its electrical potential. Of course we’ll never disclose anyone’s personal information or their names, (so please don’t ask!)

In case you thought that the QEG was “going away”, or maybe it “didn’t work out”,  or if you had any doubts about the project…

I want everybody to understand that THE QEG HAS MORE POTENTIAL THAN ANY OTHER ENERGY PROJECT. Let me tell you why…

There is no other energy project in existence that is like the QEG. Its open sourced, its being co-developed, it is grass roots, its accessible to the average person and its scaled large enough to power a home. The QEG is truly THE PEOPLES FREE ENERGY DEVICE and it has the ability to change everything.

Because of the nature of the QEG project, this makes us one of the biggest threats to the oil industry. And because of this, we receive more controlled opposition, and suppression attacks than any other free energy device on the planet. Bar none. The QEG is the highest targeted and most heavily trolled free energy project online. Why is this?

This is because the QEG is the closest that we have ever been to having free energy available to everyone.

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