* NEW * Dr. Ingrid’s 2020 ESTC Biomagnetic Pair Therapy presentation available now

biomagnetic therapy

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here’s one more presentation from the 2020 ESTC – this is empowering as it discusses a highly effective modality using both N and S poles rather than a single pole like all other permanent magnet modalities and it even came out of NASA’s research. In over 20 years of being involved … Read more

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**Available Now** 2020 ESTC -Mike Clarke’s Reactive Power Motor Generator, Part 2

reactive power generator

From our friends the the Energy Science & Technology Conference: Last year, Mike Clarke DC showed his Reactive Power Generator setup, which is essentially an air-core Bedini SG with some advanced switching that allows the battery banks to be automatically swapped between the front and back. It has run for many months after one charge … Read more

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**NEW RELEASE** Energy Conference 2020: Paul Babcock’s Electrocoagulation Presentation

From our friends at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference: Paul Babcock’s presentation on Electrocoagulation (EC) is finally available – if you want to know how to purify water for pennies compared to many methods, which is also super simple, this will be very valuable to you. EC has been around a long time, which … Read more

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