Battery made from a diamond and nuclear waste could last thousands of years

A team of physicists and chemists at the University of Bristol have developed a new type of battery that could change the way we think of long-term energy storage and electricity generation. The researchers looked at the problem of nuclear waste and came up with a battery that uses a man-made diamond to turn that … Read more

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A solar farm rises from the ashes of a coal-burning power plant

One of the worst sources of pollution in New England will be home to clean, renewable energy. The Mount Tom Power Station in Holyoke, Massachusetts—known as one of the worst polluters in New England—is on its way to a renewable rebirth. The plant’s owners broke ground on a 5.76-megawatt solar farm in October on the … Read more

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Wi-fi from nanocrystal-based lasers

A nanocrystalline material that rapidly makes white light out of blue light has been developed by KAUST researchers (ACS Photonics, “Perovskite Nanocrystals as a Color Converter for Visible Light Communication”). While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now well established technologies, there are several advantages gained by shortening the wavelength of the electromagnetic waves used for transmitting … Read more

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