Free Energy Labs Tour & Demonstrations (VIDEO)

Huge Tesla Induction Coil

Post on Fringe Energy: Battery sequencing boards that distribute charge automatically across a group of batteries, devices that combine physical and electrical resonance to release power from the quantum field, high efficiency (due to unique shape) wind turbines,  pulsed power systems that accumulate energy over time and release it rapidly (Bedini), wireless Tesla technology … Read more

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Full Disclosure: The Joseph Newman Motor Is Back Better Than Ever! (Video)

Joseph Newman Motor

Few free energy stories are as tragic as that of the fight and plight of Joseph Newman. This man, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars inventing an energy device that harnessed huge amounts of power from the magnetic field, held a secret that could free humanity from energy tyranny and big oil companies. Read … Read more

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Live Call Using Water as Fuel October 7th 2018

This week we will be presenting different water based energy technologies. Discussed will be several different types of devices and their history. One device in particular we’ve just discovered recently that has some amazing effects and benefits not only for energy related projects but also for health and environmental cleanup. If you are not a … Read more

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